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At the vibrant metropolis of São Paulo, a groundbreaking event unfolded last week: the second edition of the ZAGA Live Training, an intensive program with real patients for surgeons who seek to improve their skills in zygomatic implants. This edition, led by experienced surgeons Dr. André Sakima and Dr. Jan Peter Ilg from ZAGA Center São Paulo, offered the participants the perfect environment to learn the latest techniques and get the surgical experience necessary to face the most complex zygomatic cases.

Bringing Theory to Life

The training started with theoretical sessions, introducing the ZAGA Concept as a tailored, patient-focused method for zygomatic rehabilitation. To complete the theoretical part effectively, the participants observed a demonstrative surgery performed by Dr. Sakima and Dr. Ilg. During the second day of the training, attendees applied their theoretical knowledge to 3D dental model prototypes corresponding to the actual patients scheduled for surgery on the third day, providing a seamless transition from theory to practice in the live zygomatic training.

Immersive learning experience

In the following days, participants embarked on an exciting journey into the heart of surgical procedures, gaining firsthand experience with live surgeries. They took part in two surgeries – a quad zygoma and a hybrid all-on-4 treatment – which provided an immersive learning experience unlike any other. The participants added a profound dimension to their education from the initial planning stages to performing the treatments and interacting with real patients. This experience reinforced their understanding and boosted their confidence, enabling them to apply the theoretical knowledge they had acquired to real-world scenarios effectively.

On the last and final day, the focus shifted to a comprehensive follow-up of the cases operated on during the course, as well as revisiting patients from the previous live training edition, now seven months postoperative, which led to a profound acknowledgment: the patients are integral participants in shaping the program’s essence. By placing the patient’s needs and well-being at the forefront, the program underscores its dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, compassion, and a patient-first approach, one of the main points of the ZAGA Philosophy.

Dr Veselin Sao Paolo

“I am extremely satisfied with my training in São Paulo. The course was well organized. It includes theory, demo surgery, hands-on with the planned patients’ 3D prototypes, and the actual surgeries with over-the-shoulder guidance. Dr Ilg and Dr Sakima’s level of professionalism, intelligence, and ethics, along with a desire to share knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years as they co-developed the extra-sinus zygoma approach, left me with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence as I plan my upcoming zygomatic implant cases. São Paulo is beautiful and safe. I highly recommend this course.” – Veselin Shumantov, Bulgari

Debriefing the cases offered an ideal opportunity for discussion and knowledge exchange, fostering a culture of constant reflection, which has been key to the program’s success. This collaborative environment established a robust network of professionals, serving as a platform for ongoing experience sharing and mutual support, further enriching professional growth. This day also included an insightful lecture on complications in zygomatic implant treatment and the prosthetic aspects of full arch rehabilitation.

Beyond Surgery: Building Relationships and Expertise in Zygomatic Implants

The participants received certificates from the Conselho Federal de Odontologia, FAIPE University, and the ZAGA Centers to culminate this fantastic journey. Without any doubt, the participants left the vibrant city of São Paulo, having elevated their knowledge and surgical experience with zygomatic implants to the next level. They also took the relationships and insights gained through interactions with other professionals participating in the course. This, along with their constant learning, assures us that the ZAGA Course Training is not only a perfect option to take your knowledge on zygomatic implants to the next level but also a unique opportunity to meet and share with professionals in the field who are on the same path of learning and excellence as you are and who, from now on, will accompany you on the journey.

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Explore the next level of zygomatic implant training and networking opportunities

May 6-10, 2024 – Sao Paulo

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