Zygomatic experts in Viseu

Professor Dr. Miguel Moura Gonçalves and Dr. Miguel Moura G. are well-known figures in dental implant rehabilitation with a unique recognition as the only ZAGA Certified experts in zygomatic surgery in Viseu, Portugal.

Esteemed among their peers, recognized by the international network of ZAGA Centers, and valued by patients, both professionals have carved a niche within the dental community through their profound dedication to advancing dental care.

Professor Dr. Miguel Moura Gonçalves, with an impressive career in dental surgery and a focus on zygomatic implants, has been pivotal in shaping the future of maxillofacial rehabilitation in Viseu. After founding the Visages clinic, certified as ZAGA Center Viseu, his work, characterized by innovative surgical techniques and a patient-first approach, has not only enhanced the lives of countless individuals but also elevated the standards of care within the field. As an educator, he has imparted his vast knowledge to aspiring dental surgeons.

Dr. Miguel Moura G., sharing the same passion and dedication to dental implantology as his father, has distinguished himself through his clinical excellence and contributions to dental research. His expertise in navigating the complexities of zygomatic implants has positioned him as a critical resource for both peers and patients in Viseu. Together, their collaborative work and individual contributions have significantly advanced the practice of dental surgery, enhancing patient care and outcomes in the process. Their expertise not only benefits the professional community but also directly impacts patients, providing them with improved treatment options and a higher standard of care in zygomatic implantology.

ZAGA Center Viseu
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ZAGA Center Viseu
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