Prof Johnson Raja James


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Prof Dr Johnson Raja James is undoubtedly one of the best zygomatic implant experts in India. Dr James has a post-graduate degree in Periodontology from Raga Dental College & Hospital. After finishing his periodontology degree, he continued to specialize in dentistry with the best national and international dental surgeons. Nowadays, he has over 15 years of experience in Advanced Zygomatic Implantology, Piezosurgery, and Peri-Implant Regeneration. Thanks to his specializations, Dr James became a well-known dental professional and true pioneer of zygomatic implants in India.

Since 2006, Dr James concentrated his interest in Periodontology and Advanced Implantology. At the moment, Dr Johnson Raja James is the senior implant consultant at ImplanTree International, the first ZAGA Center in Chennai

Throughout his entire career, he has placed more than 6000 implants, therefore, becoming an expert in zygomatic implants. Particularly, because of the care he puts into his job at ImplanTree International, Dr Johnson Raja James follows the ZAGA philosophy to provide the best care possible to his patients. 

Moreover, Dr James combines his profession with teaching and lecturing at various universities and congresses. He is the author of several medical publications. Finally, his passion for constant improvement and research led him to develop Guided Protocols for zygomatic implants, used by only a small percentage of implant surgeons worldwide.

Prof Dr Rajas' Achievements

  • Vice Principal and Professor at Rajas Dental College and Hospital, April 2007 – Present.
  • Managing Director at ImplanTree, September 2017 – Present.
  • Director at Xpertz Dentofacial Scan Pvt Ltd, September 2017 – Present.
  • Mentor and Expert Faculty at ImplanTree Foundation for Advanced Dentistry, September 2017 – Present.
  • Director at Oasis Matriculation Higher Secondary School, October 2010 – Present

Prof Dr Rajas' Publication

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