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Medicine cures diseases, but only doctors can cure patients. – Carl Jung

Leading Expert in Oral Surgery and Periodontics

Dr. Maxim Kopylov is a highly respected Oral Surgeon, Periodontist, and Prosthetist, renowned for his expertise in complex osteoplastic surgery and soft tissue management with implant placement. As the owner and chief oral surgeon at MaxTreat Perio Center in Moscow, Dr. Kopylov heads a dedicated team that provides advanced periodontal and dental implant solutions.

With over two decades of experience and more than 20,000 implants placed, Dr. Kopylov’s skills and knowledge have earned him affiliate membership in the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and active membership in the Italian BBB Academy. He is an Assistant at the Institute of Digital Dentistry of RUDN University and serves as Vice-President of the Periodontal Association of Russia. As the founder of the MaxTreat Perio Center and MaxTreat Club, Dr. Kopylov continues to lead and innovate in the field of periodontal treatment.

Expert in Zygomatic Rehabilitation

In June 2024, Dr. Kopylov became the first certified ZAGA surgeon in Moscow, joining the prestigious ZAGA Centers Network. This recognition underscores his profound expertise in zygomatic rehabilitation treatments. A testament to his dedication to patient care is not only the hundreds of patients he has helped recover their smiles but also his passion for connecting with and educating patients through the ZAGA Center’s patient education platform, Smile 24h.

Dedication to Professional Growth and Patient Care

Dr. Kopylov is committed to providing the highest standards of care, continually advancing his professional development, and participating in numerous professional events both in Russia and internationally. His extensive educational background underpins his advanced practice.

Dr. Kopylov began his medical training at Samara State Medical University, earning his degree in dentistry in 2004 and completing a clinical internship in 2005. His focus on surgical excellence led him to complete a professional retraining in surgical dentistry at the Samara Military-Medicine Institute in 2006. In 2013, he further specialized in oral surgery at the Medical Consulting Dental Centre in Moscow. He completed professional retraining in prosthetics at Belgorod State National Research University in 2016. Currently, Dr. Kopylov is pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree with a specialization in Fundamental Medicine at Izhevsk State Medical Academy, demonstrating his commitment to lifelong learning.

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Dr. Kopylov's Contributions to Dental Science

Dr. Kopylov is an accomplished author with several scientific publications and patents, contributing significantly to the field. His notable works include:

  • Zygoma Implants. Anatomical Approach. Scientific Editors of Russian Edition: Maxim Kopylov, Christina Badalyan, Michail Lomakin (2017)
  • The Original Remedy Failure of the Soft Tissue Around Dental Implant in the Jaw. M.V. Kopylov, A.P. Reshetnikov, Medical Science. Fundamental Research (2015)
  • Infrared Thermography Cheeks When Taking Food and Water. M.V. Kopylov, A.P. Reshetnikov, M.G. Soykher, Medical Science, Fundamental Research (2013)
  • New Maxillofacial Infrared Detection Technologies. M.V. Kopylov, A.P. Reshetnikov, M.R. Nasyrov, E.M. Soicher, E.L. Fisher, L.V. Chernova, AIP Conference Proceedings (2015)
  • New Operational Techniques of Implantation of Biomaterials and Titanium Implants in the Jaw with the Atrophy of the Bone and Soft Tissues. D.B. Nikityuk, A.L. Urakov, A.P. Reshetnikov, M. V. Kopylov, D.Yu. Baimurzin, AIP Conference Proceedings (2015)

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