Dr. Jay Neugarten

Dr. Jay Neugarten: New York's Go-To Expert in Oral Surgery

“We as doctors should strive to do better and take better care of our patients.”

In the heart of New York City, Dr. Jay Neugarten stands out as a leading name in oral and maxillofacial surgery. At NYCOMS, on the 18th Floor of 501 Madison Ave, his office provides expert care and a listening ear to many.

Dr Neugarten NYC

Dr. Jay Neugarten DDS MD FACS began his studies at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. He stood out as one of the top students, earning a place in the prestigious dental society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon.

After Columbia, Dr. Neugarten continued to learn. He trained at a hospital and got his medical degree from a medical school on Long Island. This continuous learning has made him one of the best in his field.

Dr. Neugarten’s skills in oral surgery are well-known, but he also excels in many other areas. He’s a trusted name for those needing special treatments, like zygomatic implants.

He is highly respected in the medical field. His work at New York Hospital Cornell-Weill Medical Center demonstrates this. Additionally, his membership with the American College of Surgeons further demonstrates his respect in the field.

Dr. Neugarten loves teaching. He teaches at places like North Shore University-Long Island Jewish Medical Center and Stony Brook School of Medicine. He also writes a lot, helping others in the medical field learn and grow.

Prof. Malevez, Dr. Olivo, Dr. Mclellan, Dr. Zarrine and Dr. Neugarten
Dr. Nicoli, Dr. Aparicio, Dr. Ferraris, Dr. Ferro, Dr. Holtzclaw, Dr. Neugarten and Dr. Butterworth
Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Jay Neugarten at the ZAGA Course in New York City

Dr. Neugarten believes in sharing and connecting. He is on the ZAGA Podcast, discussing his work and sharing what he has learned over the years. And for those who want to learn even more, he offers special training sessions.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Jay Neugarten is a big name in oral surgery in New York. He has learned from the best, works with the best, and teaches the next generation of medical professionals. For the best oral and maxillofacial surgery care, advice, or training, visit Dr. Neugarten at NYCOMS. To learn more about Dr. Jay Neugarten, visit NYCOMS at 501 Madison Avenue, New York. You can alsoo listen to him on the ZAGA Podcast.

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