Zygomatic Implants Experts in Sydney

In the dynamic field of dental implantology, Dr. Khaled Zoud and Dr. Fadi Yassmin stand as distinguished figures, leading the way in zygomatic implant advancements from their base at FY Smile, Sydney’s first certified ZAGA Center. This partnership combines Dr. Zoud’s specialization and certification in zygomatic implants with Dr. Yassmin’s leadership in running a practice renowned for embracing cutting-edge technologies and methods in restorative dentistry. Dr. Zoud’s notable achievements, including the innovative provision of fixed teeth in just 24 hours, reflect a deep commitment to less invasive, more precise, and enduring dental solutions. Meanwhile, Dr. Yassmin’s operational prowess ensures that FY Smile not only leverages the latest in dental technologies but also adopts a patient-centric approach that sets a new benchmark for care in the industry.

Together, their collaboration at FY Smile has not only solidified its status as a center of excellence within the ZAGA Network but also underscored their dedication to the advancement of dental practices. Their combined efforts have positioned FY Smile as a hub where fellow dental professionals can look to for leading-edge techniques and collaboration opportunities, thus enhancing the field of dental implantology and ensuring better patient outcomes. Their work is a testament to the power of combining clinical excellence with innovative leadership in the pursuit of elevating dental care standards.

Dr. Kahled and Dr. Yassmin

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