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Reflecting on the profound legacy of Dr. Masami Ando, we honor his remarkable contributions to dental implantology and the advancements of zygomatic rehabilitation. As the founder of the first ZAGA Center in Tokyo, Dr. Masami laid the foundation for what would become a benchmark of excellence in Japan, pioneering advancements in zygomatic implants that have elevated regional practices to international standards. His commitment and passion for innovation and patient care earned him a revered status among peers and patients. Dr. Masami Ando, who remains celebrated for his famous speed and precision as a zygomatic surgeon, leaves a legacy that inspires us and the advanced dental community.

In the wake of Dr. Masami Ando’s passing, his son, Dr. Takuma Ando, has embraced the ZAGA Center Tokyo’s leadership position with respect and dedication. Dr. Takuma is guiding ZAGA Center Tokyo into a new era influenced by his father’s passion for dental excellence and innovation. His firm commitment to advancing implantology enriches his father’s legacy. It ensures that the Ando family name remains synonymous with quality, innovation, and compassionate care in full-mouth rehabilitation with a particular focus on zygomatic implants. As Dr. Takuma Ando continues his father’s visionary work, the impact of their contributions will undoubtedly resonate for generations to come.

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