“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Dr. Sumonori Echizenya is a distinguished dental professional celebrated for his expertise and visionary leadership. As chairman of the Smile Office Dental Clinic, he diligently oversees four premier dental clinics committed to delivering top-tier oral care.

Assuming the director position at the GDH Implant Office Sapporo, Dr. Echizenya is at the forefront of dental innovation. In August 2023, he became a member of the ZAGA Centers Network, making his clinic one of just two ZAGA Centers in Japan and the exclusive center in Hokkaido, raising the bar for dental care standards in Japan.

As for his educational background, Dr. Echizenya earned his dental degree from the University of Hokkaido’s School of Dentistry & Health Sciences. In 2005, he laid the foundation for his achievements by founding the E-Smile Dental Clinic. His commitment to pioneering dental advancements was further showcased through the establishment of the Asahigaoka Branch Hospital in 2014 and the Yamanote Branch Hospital in 2011.

Valuable affiliations with significant dental organizations mark Dr. Echizenya’s professional journey. He holds an International Congress of Oral Implantologists Mastership, serves as the Japanese Academy for International Dentistry Executive Director, and is a member of the International Society of Oral Implantology, consistently upholding high dental standards.

Furthermore, participation in reputable societies such as the Japanese Dental Association, Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, and Japanese Society of Periodontology underscores his comprehensive approach to patient care. Dr. Echizenya’s excellence is highlighted by certifications from the Academy of Gnathology and Occlusion and the Oral Medicodental Society, affirming his commitment to delivering exceptional care.

Why become a ZAGA Center?

Joining our ZAGA network will give you access to ongoing conversations about cases: success, failures, opinions, studies, and scientific publications altogether. Also, your office will be unique and exclusive in your area.