As many of our alumni and network of ZAGA centers know, it is crucial to thoroughly prepare and study the patient’s anatomy to perform rehabilitation surgery with zygomatic implants. For this, 3D models are very beneficial to get a crystal-clear view of the patient’s anatomy and for the treatment to be successful.

Starting in 2022, our ZAGA team in Barcelona has begun to develop a new generation of 3D models, with innovative technology that achieves anatomical precision that significantly helps the surgeon to rehearse the procedure.

To elaborate our 3D models, we execute a CBCT (Cone-Bean Computed Tomography) segmentation to create a personalised high-definition reconstruction. All the patient images are collected and subjected to a manual segmentation treatment using different professional software, which allows reaching a level of anatomical precision comparable to the scan resolution. In addition, our ultimate 3D printers provide us with a perfect replica that will help the doctor perform an adequate evaluation and preparation.

Another essential matter about our 3D models is the resin formula. As experts in zygoma implants, we needed to drill the 3D models so we can be able to experience realistic results. For that reason, our new resin formula creates a flawless finish for drilling, avoiding fractures.


Our 3D models are printed using the “Stereolithography” technique, better known as SLA. The methodology is based on the reaction of polymers, going from liquid to a solid-state with ultraviolet (UV) light.

In this way, the plastic is exposed to the UV light laser repeatedly layer by layer until it forms the whole model.

We complete the process with a thorough wash of the model, and finally, we expose it to a UV light, once again, to provide it with the desired mechanical properties. 

The strengths of the SLA are its high precision and fidelity, its excellent final surface, and the ability to print on translucent and transparent materials. That allows us to offer a great variety in the catalogue. The high precision that it reaches, even in small volumes, allows us to have all the information needed between the segmentation and printing steps.

Nowadays, our 3D models are used not just for surgery preparations or patient information, but also for educational cases in our mentoring, courses, and lectures.

Is there more to know about our new generation of 3D models? Yes. The latest improvements helped to reduce the cost; thus, our prices became very competitive and of course, with appropriate customer support.

3D dental model for zygomatic implants

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