Educating a patient about zygomatic implants is the best way to go forward through the surgical process.

Our ZAGA Center in Norwest Indiana, headed by Dr. Leonard F. Anglis, is sharing his way of educating patients on zygomatic implants with us. Indeed, he uses a dedicated patient folder sent to all new dental zygomatic implant patients. It is a full-sized folder filled with valuable material to become thoroughly educated about their decision-making process as they move toward these life-changing procedures. This folder has three essential components:

  • A book, “Mental Gymnastics,” written by Dr. Leonard F. Anglis, is a collection of short essays exposing the beliefs of Dr. Anglis’ values. In this copy, the patient will have the opportunity to know how the team works, thinks, and approaches their profession.
  • A magazine, “Freedom,” collects specific information from Dr. Leonard F. Anglis’s practice and his experiences with dental implant patients. Additionally, it includes all the needed information regarding the first appointments and what can be expected in each one. 
  • Last but not least, this folder includes a DVD of a dental implant seminar from Dr. Leonard F. Anglis, addressed to several patients who have been considering zygomatic implant reconstruction. This video contains testimonials from patients who have experienced this type of treatment. It features several slides explaining the process, the health benefits, and finally, the restoration of a youthful smile. Therefore, the patient who watches this video will have the opportunity to answer any questions about the procedure. On top of this, it demonstrates the commitment that Dr. Leonard F. Anglis has to his patients.

Why is so important to educate patients on zygoma implants?

Knowing what to expect from implant rehabilitation is a key element of great zygomatic implant education for patients. Indeed, expectations need to be clearly defined. Most often, recovering fixed, permanent upper teeth is the first objective. Also, aesthetics can represent for some patients the main complaint. In this sense, defining together with each patient their expected outcome and anchoring it in the reality of what is possible surgically and prosthetically speaking is critical.

The opportunity for the patient to review this information before his first appointment is a great way to meet his doctor and share their doubts, concerns, and questions about the procedure.

Zygomatic implant patient education

"It is essential to answer questions as soon as possible because we all learn in different ways; it has been observed that it is difficult for patients to move forward if they have lingering questions. This strategy removes a certain amount of stress from our first appointment together."

During the last months, a vital piece of information was added to the folder regarding patient safety while visiting the practice due to Covid. Dr. Anglis practice’s had always instituted all safety measures before we heard of the Covid virus. Patients highly value this since Covid has been their “top of mind” lately.

In a nutshell, this is how Dr. Anglis’ practice works with zygomatic implant education for patients. Their goal is to make them feel at home and safe members of their practice family. 

Want to know more about our ZAGA Center in Norwest Indiana? Check out his practice.

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