Last week we held the 31st edition of the ZAGA Course, welcoming 24 participants from 16 countries. This time, the ZAGA Cadaver Course was held in Barcelona in the middle of the summer. Our three-day Cadaver Course showed us again the enthusiasm and respect for the participants to learn and comprehend the zygomatic implant technique delivered by Dr. Carlos Aparicio. 

We enjoyed a successful and satisfying course with the support of the Straumann Group, the ZAGA Team, and our ZAGA Center Sao Paulo.

ZAGA Center Sao Paulo, a true commitment to education!

For this edition, the ZAGA Cadaver Course counted on the collaboration of our zygomatic implants experts, Dr. André Sakima and Prof. Jan Peter Ilg from ZAGA Center Sao Paulo. They flew to Barcelona exclusively to share their knowledge during the ZAGA Cadaver Course and work together with Dr. Carlos Aparicio. Their vast experience, patience, and kindness were key to helping our participants during the Dental 3D hands-on and the cryopreserved heads hands-on.

Further, Dr. Sakima and Prof. Ilg went through their most complex and intriguing zygomatic cases over time. This opened an excellent opportunity for the participants to understand how to treat patients with severe maxillary atrophy.

Straumann's full support and synergy

Straumann has been a fantastic partner in the ZAGA Cadaver Course in Barcelona. Their team provided the participants with all the necessary implants, tools, cassettes, and knowledge for the hands-on sessions. Straumann’s delegates shared their expertise with the ZAGA Flat and ZAGA Round zygomatic implants designed by Dr. Carlos Aparicio following the ZAGA Concept.

Indeed, this new zygomatic implant system was launched in 2021 and represents a major innovation in this field. Dr. Aparicio imagined the Flat and Round Zygomatic, and fruitful collaborations between industrial partners led to its successful launch. This outstanding implant system is the only one to be based on the ZAGA Concept to adapt the surgery to each patient and prevent long-term complications using a minimally invasive, conservative surgical approach.

Hands-on, the best way to learn

To maximize the learning experience, the ZAGA Cadaver Course relies on two main types of hands-on exercises: the dental 3D model hands-on, and the severely atrophic cryopreserved heads hands-on.

Both allow acquiring a fundamental understanding of the anatomy. Additionally, combining a 3D model of the cryopreserved head before performing the surgery is an excellent way to rehearse, learn from one’s mistakes, and enhance your surgical skills regarding the correct placement of the zygomatics. 

Dr. Carlos Aparicio reviewed in-depth four real cases using dental 3D models, including the actual surgery of the video, condensed into bite-sized key moments. The 3D model corresponding to the cryopreserved patient was also studied.

"The class was thorough and unique. Dr. Aparicio, Dr. Sakima, and Dr. Ilg were great with surgical help."
Frank Avadon doctor Dentist ZAGA Course
Frank Avason
Participant from United States

Laughter and friendship during the Diploma Ceremony at the Sagrada Familia

The Diploma Ceremony took place in a privileged location, a welcoming terrace in front of one of the landmarks of Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia. The ZAGA Team, Straumann Group, and all the participants shared their personal and professional experiences in the zygomatic world, supported by some Spanish cava and tapas.

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.”

For 20+ years, we have been requesting feedback to continuously improve the ZAGA Course experience. The results have shown a 98.1% of satisfaction rate from our participants, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome throughout the course. Still, we aim at 100% or more!

Group of doctors at the ZAGA zygomatic implant course

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Next ZAGA Course in New York

The next ZAGA Course will take place in New York in September 2022. The Specialists ZAGA Course will count on Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Jay Neugarten from ZAGA Center New York. Our participants can expect a thorough understanding of zygomatic implant placement using the ZAGA Concept. On top of that, an extra day to the course is available on demand for 5 lucky participants to learn during a live surgery by Dr. Jay Neugarten!

If you are interested in attending the course, check out our information here.