Last week was remarkable! 26 participants from 11 countries gathered in Barcelona to take part in the 33rd edition of the ZAGA Course and learn everything about the ZAGA Concept from Dr. Carlos Aparicio. This 3-day course gave us invaluable knowledge and the confidence to dive deeper into dental rehabilitation with zygomatic implants.

With support from Straumann, Bontempi, and Bien-air, the ZAGA Course was held on the 25th floor of the Torre Glories, the iconic skyscraper located in the heart of the Catalonian city.

Three ZAGA Centers in the house!

This edition was really special as we welcomed three great specialists from the ZAGA Centers Network: Dr Hsu Wei Kai from ZAGA Center Chiayi, Dr Marc Shenouda from ZAGA Center Montreal, and Dr Adi Lorean from ZAGA Center Tel Aviv. They came with their teams to reinforce their capabilities in zygomatic implant rehabilitations and share their experiences.

The rationale behind zygomatic implants: Theory and Practice

The theory sessions on the ZAGA Concept let the participants capture the why and the how of zygomatic implant placement. In this advanced course, Dr Aparicio challenged the participants to analyze, define, and resolve the different concepts in every case.

Later, during the hands-on session with dental 3D models, the participants showed great enthusiasm and crystalized their learning by applying the theoretical part to the practice. With the same mindset, our participants applied every step of the ZAGA Concept during the cryopreserved heads, which finalized our thriving training.

Share and connect, a wonderful combination.

What about the overall feeling of this edition? If we picked a single word to describe it, it would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Participants with different levels of experience, from doctors just starting with zygomatic implants to experienced ones, created a wonderful combination of diverse backgrounds, which could be seen reflected in a friendly environment. New friendships were created during the cocktail party prepared by the ZAGA Team in the “Xalet de Montjuic,” a cozy restaurant located in the hills above Barcelona with stunning views of the Barcelona skyline. After the celebration of the diploma ceremony, the participants enjoyed a lovely evening with drinks and tapas while creating lasting connections. In our eyes, the event was a huge success and will stay in our memories for a long time.

Both allow acquiring a fundamental understanding of the anatomy. Additionally, combining a 3D model of the cryopreserved head before performing the surgery is an excellent way to rehearse, learn from one’s mistakes, and enhance your surgical skills regarding the correct placement of the zygomatics. 

Dr. Carlos Aparicio reviewed in-depth four real cases using dental 3D models, including the actual surgery of the video, condensed into bite-sized key moments. The 3D model corresponding to the cryopreserved patient was also studied.

"The most professional course I have ever taken."
Dr. Kanyon Keeney
Dr. Kanyon Keenay
Participant from United States

The satisfaction survey endorses the ZAGA Course's success.

The ZAGA Course is a complete learning experience, including everything from knowledge through the practical session to a warm and welcoming environment. To ensure we keep improving the level with each course, we gather every participant’s feedback through anonymous surveys. In this course edition, we achieved an impressive overall satisfaction score of 98%, with 100% of participants indicating they would recommend it to a colleague.

The next ZAGA Course in Barcelona

If you also want to learn about zygomatic rehabilitation with Dr. Carlos Aparicio, join us in the upcoming course in sunny Barcelona from June 21st to 23rd! This ZAGA Course will provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in zygomatic rehabilitation, covering the fundamentals and more advanced topics. 

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