Edentulism2023 gathered over 200 doctors around an exceptional scientific program

On May 4-6, Gran Canaria welcomed EDENTULISM2023, an outstanding gathering of dental professionals, surgeons and industry. More than 200 doctors learnt and networked during three day of enlightening lectures delivered by renowned experts in the field of edentulous treatments: all-on-X, zygomatic implants, prosthesis, overdenture, geriatric dentistry among others.

24h of lectures, fascinating presentations, dynamic roundtable discussions, and memorable social events marked EDENTULISM2023 as a reference point for science, networking opportunities, and a valuable resource for discovering the latest techniques and tools for helping edentulous patients.

Dr. Carlos Aparicio welcome speech

Maximizing the impact on patients

On day 1, the conference opened with a welcoming speech by Dr. Carlos Aparicio, Founder and President of the ZAGA Centers Network. Dr. Aparicio emphasized the scientific nature of the meeting and pointed out the 30 international speakers selected based on their expertise and publications in scientific journals. Furthermore, Dr. Aparicio highlighted the conference’s goal:

To provide attendees with evidence-based actions and knowledge that they can apply to their practice and;

To enhance the quality of care provided to patients.

Straight to the science on day 1 with six captivating lectures dedicated to zygomatic implants presented by Dr. Sepehr Zarrine, Dr. Jay Neugarten, Dr. Guy Mclellan, Prof. Chris Butterworth, Dr. Antonio Olivo, and Prof. James Chow. We learnt about different yet harmonious perspectives on digital workflows, prevention measures, complications, and surgical techniques for rehabilitating edentulous patients with zygomatic implants. The morning session culminated with an engaging round table moderated by Prof. Chantal Malevez, providing an interactive forum for addressing audience questions and doubts.

The afternoon sessions encompassed more zygomatic implants lectures by Dr. Luc Vrielinck, Dr. Jean Baptiste Verdino, Dr. Rubén Davó, Dr. Manuel Martin Luque, and Prof. Enrico Agliardi. These sessions showcased significant clinical cases that demonstrated outstanding outcomes. Once again, Dr. Malevez expertly moderated the round table, guiding the conversation with insightful questions and answers. Day 1 terminated with a delightful welcome drink on the sunny terrace of the Expomeloneras Venue—a perfect conclusion to an inspiring day of knowledge exchange and networking.

ZAGA Centers private meeting

EDENTULISM2023 served a dual purpose: a complete scientific conference and the first in-person meeting of the ZAGA Centers Network. A private ZAGA dinner gathered all members and for the first time in five years, we could celebrate the milestones reached together. The dinner was held in a magnificent location, helped reinforce connections and build an even stronger future together.

From Miami to Tokyo

On the second day, the participants learnt from renown professionals such as Prof. Adi Lorean, Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky, Dr. Nick Egbert, Dr. Luca de Stavola, and Prof. Andre Chen during the morning. From the atrophic mandible to the definition of terminal dentition, we discovered a complete portfolio of treatments, including soft tissue augmentation and innovative tools for full arch treatments. Dr. Jay Neugarten moderated day 2, with a flawless Q&A between the speakers and, of course, answering questions from the audience. The afternoon included lectures from Prof. Chris Butterworth, Dr. Masami Ando, Dr. Luc Vrielinck, Prof. Anita Visser, Dr. Marco Rinaldi, and Dr. Michael Pikos. With Dr. Jay Neugarten as moderator, we finished this day with exceptional and insightful sessions, understandings, and recommendations from these distinguished speakers worldwide.

Time to Celebrate

In the afternoon, all attendees gathered at the Blue Marlin Sky Lounge in Gran Canaria for the highly anticipated Cocktail & Tapas Social Event. In an enchanting ambiance, the announcement of the social media contest winner added excitement to the occasion, as the winner was presented with a special prize—a complimentary pass to one of the esteemed ZAGA Courses by Dr. Carlos Aparicio. With a breathtaking sunset and the great company of fellow doctors from the field, everyone enjoyed a fantastic evening connecting with friends and meeting new ones—the perfect way to close the second day of the EDENTULISM2023 conference.

Day 3, the grand finale

Day three brought the best of all speakers. The morning sessions welcomed Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos, Dr. Petros Yuvanoglu, Dr. Fadi Yassmin, Dr. Ophir Fromovich and Dr. Panos Papaspyridakos while the afternoon counted on Dr. Jay Neugarten, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, Dr. Ana Ferro, Dr. Pietro Ferraris, Dr. Giovanni Nicoli and Dr. Carlos Aparicio. The international speakers gave us incredible lectures, from implant design history and rationale to the most advanced prosthetic detail for all-on-4 rehabilitations, and a complete overview of the ZAGA Concept.

What the participants think

As part of our commitment to constant improvement, we conducted a follow-up questionnaire among all participants with the goal of understanding their satisfaction levels and gathering valuable feedback to enhance future editions. We are delighted to announce that the results reflected an impressive 95% satisfaction rate, with participants specifically highlighting the punctuality and the renowned speakers, as well as the efficiency and kindness of our organizing team.

Special thanks to our Sponsors!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and speakers who contributed to making this conference an unforgettable event! Also, special thanks to our sponsors, Straumann, Southern Implants, Bontempi, BTK, JDental Care, Akura, Sabina and Saphir. 


Did you miss EDENTULISM2023? Don’t worry, we are already working on the EDENTULISM2025.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Let’s continue together our quest for excellence and strive towards new horizons of knowledge and innovation. 

Hasta muy pronto!