The 34th edition of the ZAGA Course took place June 21st – 23rd, 2023, with 20 amazing participants from all over the world. Led by the esteemed Dr. Carlos Aparicio, this three-day course provided an exceptional platform for exploring zygomatic implant techniques and the revolutionary ZAGA Concept. The event was made possible with the support of Straumann, Bontempi, and Aurabooks, for which Dr. Aparicio and the entire ZAGA team expressed their gratitude.

Welcoming ZAGA Center Pontevedra & Ourense

An exciting addition to this edition of the ZAGA Proficient course was the presence of Dr. Pedro Guitián from ZAGA Center Pontevedra & Ourense. Dr. Guitián, a valued member of the ZAGA family, joined us in Barcelona to support Dr. Aparicio during the hands-on sessions, sharing his expertise and knowledge with the participants.

Deepening knowledge

The ZAGA Course goes beyond surface-level knowledge, urging participants to go further and understand the rationale of all protocols. Through theory sessions, the ZAGA Course equipped participants with a thorough comprehension of the fundamental principles of zygomatic implant placement, following the ZAGA Concept. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Aparicio and Dr. Guitián, participants had the opportunity to apply theory to practice during hands-on sessions utilizing dental 3D models. Later, the participants could appreciate the recorded surgeries from several cases of Dr. Aparicio.

Finally, by expanding their comprehension and engaging in real-world applications, the participants emerged from the course with an enriched understanding of zygomatic implant placement.

New connections and friendships

In addition to the enriching educational program, the ZAGA Course in Barcelona provided space for forging meaningful connections and nurturing friendships within the field of zygomatic implants. The captivating rooftop social event, held against breathtaking city views, was the perfect setting to celebrate this special event. 

As participants indulged in delicious Spanish tapas and refreshing drinks, conversations flowed effortlessly, paving the way for potential collaborations and fostering connections beyond the course’s duration. Find all the pictures here.

Zygomatic implant community
“Excellent Course! Great clinical information, many pearls!”
Dr. Walter Tatch
Participant from United States

95% on the ZAGA course satisfaction survey

To continuously enhance the quality of our courses, we value and collect feedback from all participants through anonymous surveys. In this particular edition of the course, we attained an outstanding satisfaction rating of 98%, with every participant stating that they would gladly recommend it to their peers.

The next ZAGA Course in New York City

This brings us to the next ZAGA course in New York City, this time for specialists only. A much-advanced course for those with intermediate knowledge. Renowned experts Dr. Jay Neugarten and Dr. Carlos Aparicio will lead the course, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience. Save the date this October 4th to 6th! Learn more about the courses.