The Latest Edition of Barcelona’s ZAGA Course

Dr. Carlos Aparicio in a ZAGA Course

2024 started with another edition of ZAGA Course in Barcelona, once again blending expertise, innovation and education.

In this edition, we had the pleasure to welcome 25 eager-to-learn participants from 16 countries. Gathering clinicians from all over the world with a clear objective to understand the ZAGA Concept and master zygomatic rehabilitation, both participants and instructors enjoyed an unforgettable 3 days of an amazing zygomatic implant experience.

Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Manuel Martín
Straumann presentation in a ZAGA Course

With the support of the Straumann company, and Dr. Manuel Martín from ZAGA Centers Canarias, Dr. Carlos Aparicio had the opportunity to share with the participants his expert knowledge in the field of zygomatic implants, their characteristics, and, of course, how to follow the ZAGA Concept to place a zygomatic implant through a cadavers hands-on experience successfully.

The New Concepts

Starting with an initial test, Dr. Aparicio challenged the participants during the first hour to place zygomatic implants on 3D Models to baseline their skills. This allowed the participants to see and appreciate the evolution of their techniques throughout the course, comparing the first zygomatic implant placement with the last hands-on experience.

During the course, experienced surgeons received and learned about the ZAGA Concept and became more aware of the difficulties and possible complications in the rehabilitation of severe maxillary atrophy. Dr. Aparicio’s lecture offered them very elaborate and applicable knowledge that made them understand new concepts about the patients, their anatomy, and fundamentally, when to use zygomatic implants  and when not to. The ZAGA Concept is a “patient-specific” approach, aiming at tailoring each step of the treatment to the patient’s anatomy and needs.

Clinicians in the ZAGA Course in January 2024
ZAGA Course January
Clinicians in the ZAGA Course in January 2024
Clinicians in the ZAGA Course in January 2024

During the hands-on experiences, Dr. Aparicio offered each participant personalized advice on how to prepare to succeed in the implant placement, depending on their concrete doubts or knowledge. Every participant could get customized help and feedback about their technique and how to improve it. Dr. Martín supported him and shared his knowledge and experience as a certified ZAGA Center and zygomatic implants expert in the Canary Islands, Spain.

From participants to members of the community

As with every course, ZAGA Centers combine learning with networking, and this time, the ZAGA team picked a lovely restaurant on the top of the Tibidabo mountain, with a fantastic view of the beautiful night sky and a panoramic view of the whole city of Barcelona. The participants and their partners enjoyed a nice cocktail and Spanish tapas with colleagues and new friends. At the same time, they shared their experiences, got to know each other, and enjoyed a pleasant time with professional colleagues worldwide!

Participants of the ZAGA Course January 2024 in a cocktail

The sense of fellowship among the participants of the ZAGA Course was beautiful and once again, reconfirmed the additional highlight of the ZAGA Course: participants not only receive expert knowledge about zygomatic implants from the best specialists in the field but they also expand their network of professional colleagues, sharing experiences and perspectives and helping to build a solid community around the ZAGA Concept and zygomatic implants expertise.

We can tell for sure that the memories shared during this 3-day experience will keep this group growing in the zygomatic implants community and eventually bring more successful tailored surgeries and well-being to patients worldwide.

Training with surgery

The last training day took place at the Universitat de Medicina de Barcelona. While the participants were setting up for the cryopreserved hands-on, Dr. Carlos Aparicio gave the complementary instructions to start the practice and place the zygomatic implants correctly, recapping all the knowledge, protocols, and explanations that were given the days before, and that was time to apply on a donour. In this part of the course, the participants built more confidence working with zygomatic implants, testing the increase of their skills from day-zero to this point.

The way Dr. Carlos makes us think and reason completely changes the way we see surgery with zygomatic implants.

A "Unique Experience"

The participants loved the ZAGA experience! We couldn’t be prouder of the comments we received during and after the course. The participants were satisfied from A to Z.

Some of the comments we more frequently received from the participants were their joy for participating in the course and being able to learn from well-known experts in the zygomatic implants field like Dr. Aparicio and Dr. Martín. All of them manifested that they enjoyed every hands-on experience a lot, along with the learning content, the sympathy, and the patience of Dr. Aparicio and the general attention and care of the ZAGA Team.

All those components were the recipe to reach a 100% satisfaction from the participants in our final survey. The mission of the ZAGA team is to bring high-quality educational opportunities for professional dental experts that want to develop and refine their skills in advanced, personalized minimally-invasive techniques.

This was the first ZAGA Course of the year and we look forward to the three more upcoming courses in this 2024:

June, 2024: Barcelona (SOLD OUT)

September, 2024: Barcelona

October, 2024: New York

Learn more about the upcoming ZAGA courses here.

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