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In the middle of April, a new event unfolded across Melbourne and Sydney, Australia: the Live Zygomatic Implant Training. Led by the esteemed Dr. Andre Sakima and Dr. Peter Ilg, internationally recognized authorities from the prestigious ZAGA Center Sao Paulo, Brazil, this intensive training program proved to be a transformative experience for attendees who wanted to stay at the forefront of advancement treatments, essentials for providing top-tier patient care.

The Live Zygomatic Implant Training program was meticulously crafted to blend theoretical insights, hands-on exercises, and real surgical experience with live patients. This comprehensive approach aimed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the specialized field of zygomatic implants.

Expert Guidance and Practical Skill Enhancement

Throughout the four days in Melbourne and four days in Sydney, participants delved deep into the intricacies of zygomatic implantology. Dr. Sakima and Dr. Ilg, recognized authorities in the field, shared their wealth of expertise and offered valuable insights garnered from years of clinical practice and research.

The theoretical component of the training provided a solid foundation, covering essential topics such as:

  • Patient selection criteria
  • Treatment planning strategies, surgical techniques
  • Post-operative care protocols

Attendees gained a nuanced understanding of the anatomical considerations and biomechanical principles that underpin successful zygomatic implant placement.

Hands-on sessions with 3D models allowed participants to refine their surgical skills in a controlled environment. Guided by the instructors, attendees practiced the precise techniques required for optimal implant placement, honing their proficiency and skill.

From Consultation to Surgery: Immersive Zygomatic Implant Experience

However, the highlight of the training undoubtedly lay in the opportunity for participants to perform the surgeries, placing the zygomatic implants on real patients. Executing the entire treatment process with their mentors, from initial consultation to surgical intervention to post-operative follow-up, provided invaluable insights into the practical realities of zygomatic implantology.

Key takeaways from the training include a profound transformation in confidence when handling complex cases, a significant enhancement in surgical techniques, and a deeper appreciation for the life-changing impact of zygomatic implants on patient outcomes.

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Dr. Fadi Yassmin
Dr. Fadi Yassmin

Transformative Learning

In conclusion, the Live Zygomatic Implant Training in Australia was a fantastic participant event. Through a blend of theory, hands-on practice, and live surgery experience, participants gained the knowledge and expertise to elevate their practice to new heights.

As the field continues to evolve, such immersive training opportunities will be instrumental in shaping the future of implant dentistry, and you, as our esteemed colleagues, are at the forefront of this movement.

If you are ready to boost your skills in the Zygomatic Implant field, join the upcoming Live Training in Sao Paulo from October 7 to 11th. More information here.