Discover Smile24h: Revolutionary Patient Education Portal by ZAGA Centers

We are proud to unveil Smile24h, a groundbreaking initiative designed to redefine patient education and empower individuals across the globe with reliable and comprehensive information about dental implantology. This platform is not just a website; it is a source of knowledge created to support patients with direct help from the best experts in advanced implant dentistry worldwide.

Smile24h’s mission is anchored in the advancement of patient care through education. Recognizing the need for dependable information in the rapidly evolving field of dental treatments, especially implants, Smile24h serves as a pivotal resource for patients seeking to understand their treatment options in depth to be able to make informed decisions about their oral health. This initiative builds on our commitment to enhancing patient empowerment and is aligned with the ZAGA philosophy of putting patients first and crafting tailored treatments for each patient’s needs and individual cases.

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Educational Excellence

At the heart of Smile24h is our commitment to provide clear, understandable, and actionable content curated by leading experts in dental surgery. Leveraging the collective expertise of over 60 clinics globally, Smile24h content addresses the nuances of zygomatic implants and other full mouth rehabilitation treatments, ensuring that every patient can navigate their healthcare journey with confidence, at the same time builds a strong patient community through different initiatives:

  1. Quality of Life Study
    A unique aspect of Smile24h is the ongoing Quality of Life Study. This pioneering research tracks the progress of patients with zygomatic implants and full-mouth reconstruction from their initial procedure through to three years post-operation. The study aims to transparently report the outcomes and enhance the body of evidence supporting the efficacy of these treatments. By documenting these journeys, Smile24h not only informs but also reassures patients and professionals of the long-term benefits and success rates associated with advanced dental care, making a strong contribution to the insights in advanced implant dentistry.

  2.  Patient Community

    Recognizing the importance of community support, Smile24h includes an interactive aspect that goes beyond just sharing information. Our initiative creates a dynamic environment where patients can engage with both other patients and certified ZAGA doctors. This support comes from a vibrant Facebook community, ensuring every query receives a medical response backed by doctors. This engagement enhances the decision-making process for patients worldwide and boosts their confidence in treatments and successful outcomes.

  3.  Online Guidance
    As members of the ZAGA Centers Network, our certified ZAGA Doctors play a crucial role in the success of Smile24h. They consistently contribute to the informational content on Smile24h, aiming to address common patient queries. Helping patients understand their needs and treatment options is the first step toward enabling informed decisions that enhance their quality of life and overall oral health.

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Join Our Mission to Empower Patients!

As dental professionals, our primary goal is to educate patients worldwide by providing high-quality, understandable information. This vital effort is driven by the collective contributions of each ZAGA Center within our network. If you too are eager to make a difference in the lives of patients with dental restoration needs, as a dental professional sharing the same vision of advancing patient care in advanced dentistry, we invite you to join our global patient education initiative. Contribute to the scientific community and become part of our extensive Quality of Life Study!

For more information, please visit Smile24h.