ZAGA Course in Barcelona: A Remarkable Journey in Zygomatic Implant Education

ZAGA Course Alumni 2024

From June 18-21, 2024, the vibrant city of Barcelona hosted an exceptional educational event—the ZAGA Course on zygomatic implants. This four-day course, held at the ZAGA Centers headquarters, brought together 30 participants from across the globe and featured esteemed faculty, including Dr. Carlos Aparicio, Dr. Guy McLellan, and Dr. Manuel Martín. Let’s explore the educational sessions and learning experiences provided during this course.

Day 1 & 2: Mastering the ZAGA Concept with Dr. Carlos Aparicio

The course commenced with two days of comprehensive lectures on the ZAGA Concept by Dr. Carlos Aparicio, which not only laid the theoretical foundations but also emphasized the practical applications of zygomatic implants. Learning from Dr. Aparicio’s pioneering work and years of experience, these sessions were enriched with Japanese-to-English translation, ensuring a seamless learning experience for the diverse group of attendees.

Another notable enhancement to this year’s training was also the introduction of the latest ZAGA innovation: the new anatomically precise 3D dental models with simulated blood. Participants in this course were the first to engage with these models, making them part of the newest development in dental training tools.

Later, during the second day of the course, participating doctors had the opportunity to review the patient’s pre-course activity, examining real patient cases they had prepared in advance. This interactive approach not only emphasized the importance of meticulous case planning but also effectively prepared participants for the complex tasks of implant placement on cryopreserved heads on the final day and transformed their approach to the zygomatic implant technique.

Supporting the ZAGA Social Program

To keep adding new features to this ZAGA Course, we provided participants with the opportunity to contribute to the ZAGA Social program, a social initiative aiding edentulous patients facing financial barriers to access zygomatic rehabilitation and supporting dental students interested in learning about zygomatic implant techniques. Participants were invited to donate a voluntary amount in exchange for the latest book by Dr. Carlos Aparicio, “Advanced Zygomatic Implants: The ZAGA Concept.”

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Drs. Aliaksandr Varabyou, Byung Joo Lee, Safa Tahmasebi, Công Phát Trương, Tran Hung Lam, Dau Cao Luong, Van Son Le, Han Than Ly, Uichiro Nakaya, Takanobu Otomo, Takaomi Maeda, Michael Monteiro, Takatoshi Takada, and Mojtaba Dorri for their contribution to the social initiative. The amount raised was an amazing total of 2317€. Your generosity directly supports the ZAGA Social program and therefore, edentulous patients with a lack of resources to get fixed teeth.

Day 3: Expanding Horizons with Pterygoid Implants by Dr. Guy McLellan

On the third day, Dr. Guy McLellan looked in-depth at pterygoid implants. His comprehensive lecture prepared participants for hands-on sessions that would follow, deepening their understanding of this advanced implant technique. The evening culminated in a delightful social event on a rooftop overlooking the iconic Sagrada Familia, fostering companionship and networking among participants and faculty alike.

Day 4: Hands-On Cadaver Training

The final day was dedicated to hands-on training with cryopreserved cadaver heads. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Carlos Aparicio, Dr. Manuel Martín, and Dr. Guy McLellan, participants practiced placing both zygomatic and pterygoid implants, solidifying their theoretical knowledge through practical application. This invaluable experience was highly praised, with a remarkable 99.3% satisfaction rate for the hands-on cadaver session.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Straumann and Bontempi for their invaluable support in making this successful course possible.

Building a Dental Community: The Social Event

One of the course’s most memorable moments was the social event, held on the evening of Day 3. Participants and faculty gathered on a stunning rooftop in front of the Sagrada Familia, enjoying delicious Spanish tapas and sparkling cava. The relaxed atmosphere was perfect for building a community of like-minded clinicians, sharing experiences and insights, and fostering lasting professional relationships. The event also featured a diploma ceremony and the announcement of our social media contest winner.

Global Participation and Outstanding Feedback

This edition of the ZAGA Course welcomed participants from Belarus, Brazil, Japan, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain, the UK, the US, and Vietnam. The attendees’ diverse backgrounds and experiences enriched the learning environment, creating a truly global community of dental professionals dedicated to advancing their skills in zygomatic implantology.

The course feedback was overwhelmingly positive:
Overall satisfaction: 98.5%
– Satisfaction with theory sessions: 97.4%
– Satisfaction with hands-on cadaver sessions: 99.3%
– Satisfaction with hands-on 3D model sessions: 98.2%
– Satisfaction with pterygoid implant sessions: 94.5%

ZAGA Course participants 2024

"The course surpasses all my expectations. Its structure and organization are perfect, and the team makes you feel very comfortable and warm. The theory and practical sessions are amazing, and I am sure I will bring home a lot of knowledge and tools to improve my work in Brazil."

ZAGA Course Participant Testimonial

Discover the insights of Dr. Tran Hung Lam from Vietnam on the ZAGA Cadaver Course, highlighting what particularly caught his attention and his determination to apply it in his practice.

We close this recap with a sincere thank you to all the participants for their attendance and for enriching the course with their unique perspectives, making this yet another unforgettable edition. Your engagement and enthusiasm are what truly bring these events to life. We are excited to see how you will implement these advanced techniques in your practices and look forward to welcoming you back at future courses to further enhance your skills.

Looking Ahead: Future ZAGA Zygomatic Implant Courses

The success of the June 2024 course sets the stage for upcoming editions:

  • Barcelona, September 3rd–6th, 2024: Featuring Dr. Carlos Aparicio, Dr. Adi Lorean, and Dr. Samintharaj Kumar, focusing on zygomatic and pterygoid implants. (Sold Out)
  • New York, October 16th–18th, 2024: With Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Jay Neugarten, focusing on zygomatic implants. (Sold Out)
  • Barcelona, January 22nd–24th, 2025: Led by Dr. Carlos Aparicio, focusing on zygomatic implants. Seats are available! Sign up here.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the ZAGA Centers. Together, we are transforming the future of dental implantology! To stay connected, join our ZAGA Circle WhatsApp group.

The Next Available ZAGA Course

January 22nd– 24th, 2025
Dr Carlos Aparicio
This course includes a surgical hands-on exercise on cryopreserved donor heads.
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