Discover if you are eligible for a ZAGA certification and start to enjoy all the benefits of being a ZAGA Center.
We are a group of professionals centered on zygomatic implants’ continuous improvement and excellence. To this end, we focus on:

Clinical Excellence

Joining our ZAGA network will give you access to ongoing conversations about cases: success, failures, opinions, studies, and scientific publications altogether.


There is only one ZAGA Center per area. We focus on differentiating each office, giving them a strict area of exclusivity. This maximizes the experience in the hands of 1 or 2 surgeons to enhance the success of the treatment and better support the patients who need it. We support each ZAGA Center with a portal to educate patients and refer them to the nearest office within the ZAGA network.
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Science publications

Begin my ZAGA Certification

Certifying as a ZAGA Center requires initial and continued compliance with requirements. After you send us the application form, we will start a process to evaluate* your submission:

First Step - Presentation

We will set a brief call regarding your experience with zygomatics and why you want to join.

Second Step - Requirements

After the first contact, and if we agree on your application, we will send you the required documents to present your certification.
*Our ZAGA Committee drives the whole process for the ZAGA Certifications.

"When patients come to our office and see our ZAGA Center plaque, it creates a certain amount of confidence."

Costa Nicolopoulos
ZAGA Center Dubai and Athens