Dr Corrado Cazacu

Dr Corrado Cazacu is the leading zygomatic implant expert at the ZAGA Center in Bucharest. To begin with, he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Bucharest. Afterward, Dr Corrado Cazacu specialized in dentoalveolar surgery. Once he completed his studies in Romania, he did practical internships in oral implantology in several European clinics and universities. In particular, Dr Cazacu specialized at the University Clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry in Bologna, Italy, and the Urban Regeneration Institute of Budapest in Hungary. Additionally, he worked at the Vithas Perpetuo Socorro Hospital in Alicante. Later, he did an internship also at the University Clinical Hospital in Barcelona.

Notably, Dr Cazacu is not only an active zygomatic implant expert that works at Dent OP but he is also a teacher. Thanks to his experience, Dr Corrado Cazacu is the President of the Association of Dental Specialists in Oral Surgery and Implantology. Specifically, dr Cazacu likes to share his knowledge and skills with his fellow implant experts. Therefore, he organizes courses to teach the newest dental implants techniques. Finally, Dr Cazacu was able to help over 1700 patients to restore their smiles with dental implants. Dr Cazacu’s passion for oral surgery became his career and said passion clearly visible in his patients’ smiles.


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