Dr João Carlos Ramos


Markedly, professor Dr Joao Carlos Ramos is the leading dentist at the Instituto Português de Medicina Dentária. Specifically, the clinic is the first ZAGA Center in the district of Aveiro, Portugal. In particular, ZAGA Center Aveiro follows the ZAGA philosophy. In fact, they always put the patient’s well-being first.

First of all, Dr Ramos graduated in 1992 from the faculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra. Afterward, he got his doctorate in 2008 from the same University. Specifically, Dr Ramos is a zygomatic implant expert and he has over 25 years of experience. In addition to his main activity as a dentist, he also works as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Institute of Operative Dentistry of the Integrated Master of Dentistry (MIMD) of the FMUC.

Moreover, he combines his passion for dentistry with teaching. Consequently, he has the opportunity of transmitting his vast knowledge to his colleagues. Additionally, Dr Ramos constantly publishes articles in scientific magazines. Finally, Dr Joao Carlos Ramos is the director of the Mechanical Testing Laboratory of the FMUC. Furthermore, he is the Coordinator of the Oral Biomechanics area of CIROS of the FMUC.

Dr João Carlos Ramos’ Achievements

First of all, Dr Joao Carlos Ramos is the president of the Portuguese Society of Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation (SPERO). Likewise, he is also an active member of IADR (International Association for Dental Research) and IADT (International Association of Dental Traumatology). Additionally, he is a fellow of ICD (International College of Dentists) and SPEMD (Portuguese Society of Stomatology and Dental Medicine). Moreover, he is part of SPPI (Portuguese Society of Periodontology and Implants) and SPED (Portuguese Society of Dental Aesthetics).

Furthermore, Dr Joao Carlos Ramos is the author and co-author of dozens of scientific articles and two books. In addition, he wrote two chapters of international books, and a digital encyclopedia. Analogously, he is also a reviewer and member of the editorial board of several scientific journals. Finally, Dr Joao Carlos Ramos is the Clinical Director of the Portuguese Institute of Dentistry. In particular, this is a private practice dedicated essentially to integrated oral rehabilitation.


Dr Ramos’ Publications