Dr Lesley David

Above all, Dr Lesley David is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon as well as a renowned zygomatic implant expert. Besides, she is the leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon at ISC – Implant Surgical Care, which is the first ZAGA Center in Toronto. In particular, there she follows the ZAGA philosophy: that is to say, putting the well-being of her patients always in the first place. To begin with, she achieved a DDS from McGill University, in Montreal. Later, she specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto. Additionally, she is on the Advisory Board of DC Institute and a lecturer at the Royal College of Dentists of Ontario.

Moreover, Dr David gives lectures nationally and internationally, sharing her knowledge especially with fellow dentists. In the past, she dedicated her time to teaching and research in the graduate Implant Prosthodontic Unit at the University of Toronto. Undoubtedly, she keeps up to date with the latest techniques. At the same time, she also provides support to other surgeons. In particular, Dr David performs live surgeries. Moreover, she has published several articles regarding implant dentistry. Undoubtedly, we are extremely excited to have her in the ZAGA Network.


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Quad Zygoma: Technique and Realities. R. Davó , L. David .


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