Dr Ludovic Denglos


Dr Ludovic Denglos got a degree in periodontology in 1997. Afterward, he graduated in Dental Surgery in 1988 from the University of Lille. In detail, he holds a Post Graduate in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry from Penn University in Philadelphia. Thanks to his skills, Dr Denglos is a renowned expert in dental surgery and zygomatic implants. At present, Dr Ludovic Denglos is the owner and leading surgeon of Dr Ludovic Denglos Clinic, one of France’s first ZAGA Centers. In particular, he works following the principles of the ZAGA philosophy. It is fundamental to guarantee the well-being of his patients during every moment of the procedure. Specifically, Dr Ludovic Denglos’ main asset is his constant will to always update with the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry and zygomatic implants.

Moreover, he dedicates his time to surgeries, lectures, and training in implantology, sharing his knowledge with his colleagues. Hence, he is an expert in transzygomatic implants, periodontology, and guided surgery. In addition to his work, he is the president of the Jaws Institute, an association for the development of knowledge in dental surgery. Finally, he is a member of the Quad Implant Company. Undeniably, he is among the best zygomatic implant experts in France: we are proud to have him in our network.