Dr. Michael A. Pikos

Dr. Pikos founded Coastal Jaw Surgery in 1983 and is the senior member of a four surgeon practice. He has extensive experience in implant surgery, having placed more than 26,000 implants and having performed thousands of hard and soft tissue grafting procedures. He emphasizes interactive CT technology along with foundational principles of prosthetics and biomechanics that dictate the ultimate success of comprehensive implant rehabilitation. Since 1990, he devoted his practice exclusively to implant dentistry.

Growing up I was always impressed with people who would say that their work is their play. Little did I know that I too would be able to say the same thing about what I do today. Indeed, my work is my play in addition to my avocations and my family commitments. As both a clinician and educator, I have great passion for what I do and feel truly blessed to be able to provide both clinical expertise and state of the art technology to help improve my patients’ quality of life.ll-sets and learn the latest technology. The mission of the institute is to provide comprehensive knowledge and surgical skill set development for clinicians to confidently perform predictable, prosthetically driven implant dentistry. Their surgical and technology based training programs provide an intimate, limited attendance learning environment that fosters enthusiastic professional camaraderie.

Dr. Michael A. Pikos

Bibliography Dr. Michael A. Pikos

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