Dr Miljan Micunovic

Most notably, Dr Miljan Micunovic is a specialist in stomatology, an oral surgeon, and a zygomatic implant expert. Moreover, Dr Micunovic is the owner and one of the leading surgeons at the ZAGA Center Montenegro. In particular, Micunovic Medical is strategically located in Podgorica and it is specialized in treating patients with various dental issues, from the simple ones to those requiring more attention.

Above all, Dr Micunovic comes from a long tradition of professionals. Hence, he decided to continue in his parents’ footsteps. In fact, Dr Micunovic works with his father, Dr Petar Micunovic, a specialist in dental prosthetics. As a result, Dr Miljan Micunovic developed a passion for dentistry and zygomatic implants. Consequently, he graduated first from the Faculty of Dentistry in Pancevo, Serbia, in 2011. Afterward, he completed his medical studies at the Medical Faculty in Podgorica. Moreover, Dr Micunovic studied and trained both nationally and internationally. Therefore, not only he provides the best care to his patients but he is a polyglot. In fact, Dr Micunovic treats and welcomes his patients in several languages, including Albanian, English, Italian, and Spanish. Finally, Dr Micunovic specialized in zygomatic implants and he certified for the installation and use of the implant systems “Dentsply Ankylos”, “Biohorizons” and “B and B”.


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