Dr Richard Peter Simon

ZAGA Center Frankfurt 1

Dr Peter Simon is the founder of the dental practice Dres. Simon in Stuttgart, one of the first ZAGA Centers in Germany. The ZAGA Center Stuttgart is one of the few dental clinics in Germany that offers Zygoma implant therapy. First of all, Dr Simon comes from a long family tradition of dentists, and he has been working as a dentist for many years. Specifically, Dr Peter Simon has been primarily involved in implantology from the very beginning, therefore, becoming an expert in this area. In particular, treatment with Zygoma implants requires a high level of experience and surgical competence.

Thanks to his vast experience, he guarantees extraordinary results, always keeping in mind the patient’s well-being. Undeniably Dr Simon is a specialist in zygomatic implants and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his colleagues. Thus, Dr Peter Simon is the author of numerous publications and is a renowned lecturer at national and international congresses. Moreover, he is also a visiting professor at various European Universities, such as Valencia, Bilbao, Temschburg, Konstanz, and Padua.

Dr Peter Simon’s Achievements

Dr Simon is a member of various scientific societies, such as DGI, DGZI, ICOI, EAO, DIZ. Moreover, he is the co-founder of the DZOI and has been on its board for many years. Finally, Dr Simon is the former Vice President of the German Society for Dental Implantology.