Dr Sergey Zhzhonov

Dr Sergey Zhzhonov is the leading zygomatic implant surgeon at ZAGA Center Tallinn. Most notably, Dr Sergey Zhzhonov was lucky enough to make his childhood dream and passion his profession. In particular, he realized from a very young age what his goal in life was. For this reason, Dr Zhzhonov is considered one of the most prominent zygomatic implant experts in Tallinn. To begin with, Dr Zhzhonov started his academic career with a degree from the State Medical Institute of Novosibirsk in 1990. Later, right after completing his studies, he started to work at the State Dental Polyclinic. In particular, there, he had the chance to practice what he learned during his studies. Finally, now Dr Zhzhonov has over 15 years of experience in this field.

Moreover, he trained both in Estonia and abroad, traveling for over two years to Isreal and Germany to learn new methods and skills. Afterward, Dr Zhzhonov specialized in dentistry and in particular, in zygomatic implants. However, he soon realized that these specific methods had their contraindications and risks. Therefore, Dr Sergey Zhzhonov focuses specifically on the consultation to inform and reassure patients. Specifically, he believes that every patient is different and unique. Therefore, the treatment has to reflect this uniqueness. Dr Sergey Zhzhonov loves helping people and putting a smile on their faces.


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