Dr Sergio Duarte

Above all, Dr Sergio Duarte is a skilled dentist. Additionally, he is a specialist in treating patients who suffer from severe maxillary atrophy. Moreover, thanks to his vast experience, he is a zygomatic implant expert and one of the leading surgeons at DIMD – Diagnóstico Integrado em Medicina Dentária, the first ZAGA Center in Portugal. In addition to a constant will for improvement, Dr Sergio Duarte main goal is the well-being of his patients that he achieves by working in full compliance with the ZAGA philosophy.

In particular, Dr Duarte graduated in dentistry from the University of Porto and completed several specializations throughout the years. At the moment, he combines his profession as a dentist, together with lectures and training that he provides at DIMD – Formaçao. Specifically, DIMD – Formaçao is a training space for professionals focusing on various specialties of dentistry. Undeniably, his constant desire to keep up to date with the latest finds in dentistry and zygomatic implants, together with his will to share his knowledge through lectures, make him a superb expert in dentistry and implants.