Dr Wieslaw Frankowski

Dr Wieslaw Frankowski is the founder of Frankowski Dental the first ZAGA Center in Gdańsk. In particular, Dr Frankowski is a specialist in prosthetic dentistry and implantology. Notably, Dr Wieslaw Frankowski puts passion and care into his work. For this reason, he works in full compliance with the ZAGA philosophy, taking care of his patients’ wellbeing before and after the procedure. Dr Frankowski graduated in medical studies from the University of Gdańsk. Afterward, Dr Wieslaw Frankowski trained nationally and internationally, participating in various implantology courses worldwide, for example, in Los Angeles, Gothenburg, Boston, and Vienna.

Since 1989, Dr Frankowski has been running his private practice, gradually transforming it into a specialized and renowned center. For this reason, he cooperates regularly with famous surgeons and implantologists, such as Prof Chantal Malevez and Dr Paulo Malo, carrying out the most complex procedures while using the most advanced technologies and techniques. In addition to his work, he is a teacher and lecturer, organizing training and courses for his fellow specialists. Moreover, Dr Frankowski is the author of several scientific articles. Finally, Dr Frankoswski is a member of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO).

Dr Wieslaw Frankowski’s Publications

A review of investigational methods used in dentition based age determination. I Dawlidowicz-basir, W Frankowski, R Hauser – Prob Forensic Sci, 2004 – forensicscience.pl

Review of research methods used to determine age based on dentition. Dawlidowicz-Basir I, Frankowski W, Hauser R


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