ZAGA Center Brussels, Clinique Saint-Jean

Under the leading of Prof. Dr. Chantal Malevez, the Clinique Saint-Jean located in Brussels becomes one of the first ZAGA Centers in Belgium. As a group of excellent professionals, covering from diagnosis to surgical treatment, anesthesia, and dental prostheses, the centre meets all criteria to be a reference centre for the treatment of the severe maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants following the ZAGA philosophy in the area of Brussels.

Dr. Chantal Malevez

Prof. Malevez is a specialist in Maxillo-facial Surgery and Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine (ULB) teaching the management of edentulous patients and implant technologies, including bone grafting and Zygoma implant protocols. She acts as clinical chief consultant at the department of Maxillo-facial Surgery and Dentistry at the Children’s Hospital of Brussels treating congenital maxillo-facial deformities.
Prof. Malevez also works as consultant in implant-based therapy at the Hospital St. Jean in Brussels and is a team member of the cleft palate center at the Children’s Hospital of Brussels. She is a member of the E.A.O and the Royal Belgian Society of Maxillo-facial Surgery, lectures internationally and publishes in the fields of implant surgery.

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