ZAGA Center Brussels, Clinique Saint-Jean

Clinique Saint-Jean is a zygomatic implant expert in Brussels and becomes one of the first ZAGA Centers in Belgium. Mainly, the clinic’s focus is the total well-being of their patients, from the diagnosis to the treatment. Specifically, following the ZAGA philosophy, they offer personalized treatment, combined with the newest available technologies. Therefore, Clinique Saint-Jean can guarantee total assistance in various dentistry fields. For this reason, the center meets all criteria to be a reference ZAGA center for the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants.


About Clinique Saint-Jean, Expert in Zygomatic Implants in Brussels

In particular, Clinique Saint-Jean understands the importance of a close collaboration between general dentists and specialized dentists. Specifically, the highly qualified team of professionals specializes in different areas of dentistry to provide the best therapeutic solutions. Therefore, the dental center brings together several professionals that continuously keep up to date to provide the best possible care. We are thrilled to welcome Clinique Saint-Jean to our ZAGA Center network.


About Dr. Chantal Malevez

Dr Chantal Malavez is an acclaimed zygomatic implant expert and a specialist in maxillo-facial surgery. She is an Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine (ULB), a member of the E.A.O and the Royal Belgian Society of Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr Malavez deep love for her profession led her to be involved in many dental areas. In particular, she works as clinical chief consultant at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry at the Children’s Hospital of Brussels, treating congenital maxillo-facial deformities. Because of her expertise with zygomatic implants, Dr Malevez works as a consultant in the implant-based therapy at the Hospital St. Jean in Brussels. Moreover, she teaches the management of edentulous patients and implant technologies, including bone grafting and Zygomatic implant protocols. Additionally, she lectures nationally and internationally to share her knowledge and expertise. Finally, she published many articles regarding implant surgery.

Prof Chantal Malevez

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