During this lockdown period, ZAGA Centers decided to stop the membership fees to the network for the months of April and May. This support measure also extends to new registrations that will take place during this period.

How to become a certified ZAGA Center?

Certifying as a ZAGA Center requires initial and continued compliance with a set of requirements. Discover here whether you, your team and office are eligible for certification and the steps to submit a proposal.

Certifying as a ZAGA Center also provides you with numerous benefits. Discover all of them here.


Clinical excellence

We built and aim at fostering a group of professionals centered on zygomatic implants’ continuous improvement and excellence. Zygomatic implant treatment is increasing in demand due to several factors such as the increasing use of all-on-4 and related failures, aging, willingness to live better, older.

Joining the community includes entering the open conversations ongoing about cases: success, failures, opinions, and studies (cohort and RCTs) altogether. We also set up a routine online platform to follow-up on zygoma cases including all the information required by your team, checklists, sinus evaluation and composite success scores to follow-up in a harmonized manner. We centralize the network activity on the ZAGACenters.com website.


We certify a single and exclusive ZAGA Center per area. The objective is two-fold:

1. Maximize the experience in the hands of 1 or 2 surgeons to enhance the success of the treatment (always respecting the right indications and patients’ requirements) and;

2. Locally differentiate the office: The office is the only ZAGA Center in its area of exclusivity and is part of a global network supporting the office. To do so, we use digital tools and the patient portal, including FAQs & testimonials. The patient portal is now available in 9 languages.



  • Have attended the ZAGA Course or attend max. 6 months after pre-certification
  • Be recommended by an existing certified ZAGA Center
  • Be located in an area not already exclusive to a ZAGA Center


  • Share 5 well-documented cases including at least 2 quad-cases following the ZAGA Concept
  • Positive review by the ZAGA committee of the 5 cases
  • Pre-certified ZAGA Centers receive all benefits except listing on the official website until the positive review of the cases presented. Pre-certification does not have a time limit
  • Monthly fee function of the country and size of the exclusivity area


  • Inform of all zygomatic surgeries performed (#Z and date) & CT Pre-post & Follow-up
  • Use the ZAGA Platform for clinical follow-up and success evaluation for all zygomatic surgeries
  • Monthly fee function of the country and size of the exclusivity area