A Transformative Experience: First ZAGA Live Patient Training in Zygomatic Implants in São Paulo, Brazil

Live Patient ZAGA

The bustling city of São Paulo recently witnessed the first edition of the ZAGA Training Center on Zygomatic Implants, delivered by certified surgeons Dr. André Sakima and Dr. Jan Peter Ilg. It was a fantastic week, with five days of training and a lot of networking among the participants.

When participants set foot in São Paulo, they were not only stepping into one of the world’s most dynamic cities but also embarking on an unprecedented journey into the depths of zygomatic implants:

  • a deeper understanding of the latest techniques
  • perform surgery on real patients guided by the mentors
  • receive ongoing feedback and guidance and
  • participate in a program with a great commitment to patient care.

From theoretical foundations to hands-on surgical mastery

On the first day, participants were welcomed with a blend of interactive sessions. It began with a warm and personal introduction by Dr. Ilg and Dr. Sakima. To elevate the day’s significance, a special video call was arranged with Dr. Carlos Aparicio, president of ZAGA Centers. His enthusiasm to meet the attendees and observe their keenness for learning added a layer of inspiration to the session. Afterward, the mentors started with an insightful presentation of surgical techniques for zygomatic implant rehabilitations and then into a hands-on session using 3D models of the patients. The day was meticulously structured to ensure an optimal blend of theory and practice. As the day peaked, participants shared their experiences over a social cocktail.
The subsequent three days were laden with surgical exposures, allowing participants to observe and participate in live surgeries. The surgeries were conducted in two operating rooms concurrently, and the environment was charged with a sense of purpose and urgency. The option to train with real patients added another layer of depth to their learning experience.

Like any intensive program, reflection and feedback are essential

Friday was reserved for debriefing. Participants were introduced to the nuances of oral rehabilitation, equipped to handle potential complications, and critically assess the week’s cases. The capstone of the entire training was the ceremonious cocktail event on the last day, where participants received their diplomas, symbolizing not just the end of the training but the beginning of a new chapter in their professional journey.

“I was extremely happy! I placed 16 zygomatic implants in three days; I did three quads and two hybrids. The facilities at the Blanc Hospital are number one, and Dr. Sakima, Dr. Ilg, and Dr. Lino were amazing! I couldn’t ask for better tuition. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.” – Joe Xanthopoulos, Kew Dentistry – Australia. 

Notably, the patients at the heart of this program were more than merely subjects of practice. They will receive provisional and final prostheses six months later and will be under vigilant follow-up to ensure the best outcomes. This patient-centric approach underlines the ethical backbone of the ZAGA Centers Network and the mentors, emphasizing the imperative to deliver nothing but the best care.

Celebration Sao Paolo

The training’s accreditation from prestigious entities like Conselho Federal Odontologia, FAIPE University, and ZAGA Centers is not just a stamp of approval but a testament to its excellence. 

In essence, the first edition of the Zygomatic Implant Training Center in São Paulo was a crucible where theory meets practice, where questions find answers, and where surgeons grow their experience and build a brighter future for zygomatic implant rehabilitation.

The next edition of the Zygomatic Implant Training in Sao Paulo will be in February 2024, check all the details here.

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