Empire State of Zygomatic Implants

Dr. Carlos Aparicio in the ZAGA Course in New York 2023

What a journey! The 35th edition of the ZAGA Course, the 2nd edition of its specialist-only variation, took place in New York City from October 4th to 7th. Designed to share the current state-of-the-art in zygomatic implant rehabilitation for severe maxillary atrophy, this course gathered 15 participants from the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia at ZAGA Center New York, NYCOMS, New York Center for Orthognathic and Maxillofacial Surgery in Madison Avenue.

New York City
Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Jay Neugarten at the ZAGA Course in New York City
The knowledge of the faculty, combined with the participants’ energy, made this event an unforgettable learning journey, both professional and personal. During four days, the course covered the ZAGA Concept in 360 degrees: theory sessions, hands-on training, and a live surgery demonstration, not to forget a premium rooftop experience in New York City.

A full agenda to maximize learning time

Leaving the dental office for four days and traveling to New York City represents a major commitment from the participants. This is the reason why the agenda was very tight, including all aspects of the ZAGA Concept for the rehabilitation of severe maxillary atrophy:
  • Indications
  • Surgical planning
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Complications
Because learning is not only listening, questions were taken live during the sessions, and 3D models hands-on sessions took place three times during the course. By applying the knowledge that Dr. Aparicio and Dr. Neugarten shared, each participant could observe that they were moving up the learning curve.
3d models hands-on
3d models hands-on

Networking and Relaxing: An Evening Together

Our course went beyond classroom learning. At the Ophelia Lounge, attendees had a relaxed evening, sharing experiences and forming connections. It was a mix of celebration, photos, and bonding in the heart of Manhattan.

cocktail zaga course new york

Live Demonstration: A Surgical Experience

The highlight for many was the live surgery demonstration by Dr. Jay Neugarten on the last day. This session offered participants a clear view of the techniques in a real-world scenario. Four zygomatic implants were used to provide fixed teeth for a patient suffering from a severe lack of bone in the upper maxilla after a failure of regular implants. The surgery was a success, starting from the extraction of failed implants in the upper maxilla and the step-by-step placement of zygomatic implants.

Feedback and Reflection

The feedback from the participants reflected a very high satisfaction, reaching a 99.8% overall score. The organizing team composed of ZAGA Centers and NYCOMs is extremely happy with the results, as the main objective of the course was reached: share everything we know about the ZAGA Concept and zygomatic implant rehabilitation to responsibly empower the participants to use this treatment option with high predictability and confidence.

Acknowledging Our Sponsors

Partnering for Success: Special thanks to our supporting sponsors – Straumann, Salvin, and Stella Life. Their product showcases at NYCOMs during the course added depth to our sessions and enriched the overall learning experience.

As participants left the Big Apple at the end of the course, they carried with them more than just advanced expertise. They left with lifetime memories of an unparalleled learning experience and new professional connections. The ZAGA Specialist course, in essence, was not just an educational event; it was a milestone in the journey of every zygomatic implant professional.


For those interested in learning about zygomatic rehabilitation with Dr. Carlos Aparicio, join us in the upcoming courses.

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