ZAGA Centers: A Network of Excellence in Zygomatic Implant Rehabilitation

ZAGA Centers are experts in zygomatic implant rehabilitation. They provide patients suffering from severe maxillary atrophy with a secure and immediate solution for the placement of fixed teeth on zygomatic implants. The treatment takes place in highly competent centers internationally: the ZAGA Centers. Furthermore, The network of highly experienced experts in zygomatic implants aims to enhance the treatment’s success rate via scientific research.

They focus on preventing complications and providing each patient with the best possible care in a personalized manner. This includes the organization of advanced courses in zygomatic implantology. The network also collaborates with key partners to design quality instruments, materials, and implants, such as the Straumann Group.

Next Course in Barcelona. ZAGA Hands-on Course with Cadavers, by Dr. Aparicio.

A Complete Educational Path

ZAGA Digital Course

ZAGA Introduction course

The perfect, short, and online introductory Course to learn more about zygomatic implant indications and the ZAGA Concept. 90 minutes of learning including quizzes and a completion certificate for your first steps into zygomatic implant rehabilitations.


ZAGA Proficient Course

The ZAGA Proficient Course is a 3 days intensive Course focused on zygomatic implant rehabilitation, surgical and prosthetics aspects, and the ZAGA Concept. It includes 4 hands-on 3D models and analysis of the corresponding recorded surgeries by Dr. Carlos Aparicio.

ZAGA Course

The ZAGA Course is a long-running 3 days educational course. For 10+ years and with 99%+ satisfaction, the Course covers zygomatic implant rehabilitation from start to finish, including the ZAGA Concept. On top of the 3D model hands-on, each participant follows a learning path from the DICOM files, 3D model rehearsal, and hands-on cryopreserved severely atrophic donor head. 

A Journey in the Surgeons' experience

ZAGA Council, guiding experts in zygomatic implants

With a respected accumulated experience over the years, the council guides all experts in zygomatic implants. Consequently, they are involved in peer-reviewed publications and scientific talks. On top of that, they are the philosophical leaders to progress in zygomatic implantology and, overall, towards the most advanced and personalized patient treatment plan.


Prof Chantal Malevez Zygomatic Implant Expert

Prof. Chantal Malevez

Dr Carlos Aparicio Zygomatic Implant Expert

Dr. Carlos Aparicio

Dr. Rubén Davó

Seasoned Professionals

Above all, the clinicians involved in the ZAGA Centers internationally are renowned experts in zygomatic implants. They are continuous learners and discuss treatment plans altogether. Also, they share both their accomplishments and concerns before moving forward with any surgical procedure. Finally, they deeply understand each patient’s needs to tailor the treatment plan to their needs and objectives.