ZAGA Centers

Experts in Zygomatic Implants: A Global Exclusive Network

Why become a ZAGA Center?

  • Belong to an exclusive international network of highly experienced professionals in zygomatic implants.
  • Enhance the treatment’s success rate through scientific studies and shared experience.
  • Stand out and differentiate from other clinics by being the only certified ZAGA Center in your area.
  • Boost your personal and professional branding and visibility.
  • Collaborate and learn.
Barcelona ZAGA zygomatic course

Working Together

ZAGA Centers Network


ZAGA Centers are locally exclusive and part of a global zygomatic implants network. Currently, it is composed of more than 50 clinics globally, from Los Angeles to London, Barcelona, Dubai, and Tokyo!


Learn and understand the different techniques used for zygomatic implant placement through theory and hands-on training. We have zygomatic courses in Barcelona and other cities around the world.

3D Dental Models for zygomatic surgery

Dental 3D models

A new generation of 3D dental models, with innovative technology that achieves anatomical precision and significantly helps the surgeon rehearse the procedure. Send us the DICOM files, and receive your 3D model in your office.

Contact our zygomatic leaders worldwide and improve your skills. Select one here.

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