ZAGA Centers Network partners with Top Dental Universities globally to support research in the field of Zygomatic Implants

November 5th 2020

The ZAGA Centers Network proudly announces new collaborations and the creation of a network of scientific partners globally. ZAGA Centers is a network of excellence in zygomatic implant rehabilitation for patients suffering from severe maxillary atrophy. The 45 certified dental offices collaborate to provide their patients with the safest, most efficient edentulism solution. Based on the ZAGA Concept, the treatment approach is minimally invasive and adapts to the anatomy of each patient (and each zygoma).

Zygomatic implant rehabilitation is a growing treatment option for severe maxillary atrophy and partial zygoma rehabilitation. As a solution for the lack of bone preventing regular dental implant placement, zygomatic implants allow the professional to deliver fixed teeth in 24h. The research and development focused on zygomatic implants have received high interest over the past years with increasing peer-reviewed publications and industrial products. The recent publications show that zygomatic implants are safer and more efficient than block grafting when treating severe atrophy. On top of that, the ZAGA Concept recent developments support a minimally invasive approach and provide tools and protocols to enhance the success rate even further by preventing complications. 

“Research is the distance between an idea and its realization”

David Sarnoff, Pioneer of radio and television.

This is why the ZAGA Centers partner with a network of top dental universities globally to investigate, research, and create better science and education over the coming years in the field of zygomatic implant rehabilitation. The scientific partners of the network include today:

UI School of Dentistry

Indiana University School of Dentistry

The Indiana University School of Dentistry, US, is represented by Waldemar D. Polido, DDS, MS, and Ph. D. The Indiana University School of Dentistry has been advancing oral health in the state and beyond since 1879, founded as the Indiana Dental College. Over the past 140 years, we’ve become a national leader in preparing oral health professionals, conducting innovative research that impacts patients and the profession, and providing patient-centered care.

Universidad de los Andes

Universidad de Los Andes

The Universidad de Los Andes, Chile, with the knowledge and experience from Prof.Antonio Sanz. Universidad de Los Andes aims to be a center of excellence, characterized by its openness to society’s cultural and moral challenges and its desire to respond to them with innovative solutions. Faculty, alumni, and students will be pivotal actors in the engagement of the University with society.

Universidad de Valencia

Universidad de Valencia

The Universidad de Valencia, Spain, with the primary coordinator being Prof. Miguel Peñarrocha. The Universitat de València’s mission is to train competent professionals at European Professional Standard and encourage prestigious research with international implications to contribute to our society’s development. Through training and research, the UV will promote the field of dissemination of science and culture.

Through this scientific network of excellence, the ZAGA Centers aims at producing cutting-edge research with the sole purpose in mind to provide the most reliable, efficient, and adapted treatment to each patient.

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  1. I would like to be part of this he zaga practices. I’ m placing Zygo and Pterygoid since 2009. Check my web site or Facebook page. What I have to do. I’m thinking in taking dr Carlos Aparicio course on the scarf technique around Zygo. Specially on ZAGA lll, IV to prevent dishence. Please I’m very interested. And I thinking to open a center in Bogota Colombia. And I’m a Strauman user since 1994.
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