ZAGA Zygomatic Implant Experts in the City

Dr. Aparicio Teaching Course

New York was the setting for our 32ⁿᵈ edition of the ZAGA course. With 22 participants from the U.S. and Canada attending our Zygomatic Specialist Course – under the direction of Dr Carlos Aparicio and Dr Jay Neugarten as expert lecturers in zygomatic implants, this meeting of professionals is a sure sign of the ZAGA method’s success and bright future.With special thanks to the support of the Straumann GroupSalvin Dental Specialties, the ZAGA team, and our ZAGA Center New York, this occasion was a great meeting and coming together of older and newer colleagues. This course edition included an additional day for a zygomatic surgery with Dr. Neugarten, providing a first-hand experience.

ZAGA Specialists course NYC
ZAGA Specialists course NYC

ZAGA Center New York, showing its hospitality and experience

Without a doubt, The New York Center for Orthognathic and Maxillofacial Surgery (NYCOMS): ZAGA Center New York has been key to this event. By offering support during the organization and execution of our ZAGA Specialist Course, Dr. Jay Neugarten of NYCOMS has led the teams in a perfect location for our first course in New York City. In this edition, Dr. Neugarten has been a significant part of the lecture team, sharing with the participants all his experience in zygomatics, from the most complex cases to his commitment to helping patients with severe maxillary atrophy.
ZAGA Specialists course NYC
ZAGA Specialists course NYC

The best partners to enhance the predictability of zygomatic implant treatments

In this zygomatic implant course, we were delighted with the support of the Straumann Group and Salvin Dental Specialities. Straumann provided material for the hands-on aspects, such as motors and zygomatic implants, as well as supplying the course with perfectly designed tools that helped us during the live surgery.
ZAGA Specialists course NYC

Every practice is a learning process

Having hands-on experience in placing zygomatic implants and understanding the criteria of each case has proven to be the most beneficial approach. The enthusiasm of the participants during the sessions was conducive to achieving stellar results. And with the direction of Dr. Carlos Aparicio for zygomatic implants, those who have not experienced this before benefited greatly from his instruction. Overall, the course structure made all the difference in learning. To top it all off, on Saturday morning, five lucky participants entered a real surgery to see a live zygomatic surgery. Under the guidance of Dr. Neugarten, the operation was carried out successfully, and those who were present could see, from a first-hand perspective, the development of a zygomatic implant operation.

The birth of new friendships

The many hours we dedicated to understanding ZAGA concepts and zygomatic implants also meant that there were moments in-between that were the beginning of closer bonds, forming a new friendship that will go into the future with confidence in using the ZAGA method. The one hundred percent satisfaction rate for our course was a sure sign of all of these elements coming together successfully.
ZAGA Proficient Course
ZAGA Proficient Course
Dr Aparicio NYC course

What do the participants think?

“Very clinically relevant and applicable transfer of scientifically founded knowledge. A truly exceptional experience for advanced surgeons and prosthodontists.”

Dr. Tony Chehade

Antoine Chehade and Carlos Aparicio
ZAGA Proficient Course NYC

“Hard to improve. I appreciate the availability of the speakers to show their expertise.”

Dr. James Oshetski

“Very informative and clear method to safety and conservative place implants”

Dr. Charles Smith

ZAGA Specialists Course