Zygomatic Implants

What type of cases are zygomatic implants recommended for?

Zygomatic implants are used as a last resource for people with bone loss in order to avoid the use of bone grafts, which are more aggressive and less predictable. When your ZZC surgeon uses the ZAGA method to place your zygomatic implants, you will benefit from having fixed teeth in just one day that are more aesthetic and similar in appearance to your original teeth. In addition to providing a better long-term prognosis, this procedure is less invasive, is specifically designed to adjust to your personal anatomical characteristics and the method makes patients less likely to encounter the complications of other zygomatic implants.

What is the success rate of this procedure?

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success after 10 years

At 92%, treating tooth loss with fixed prosthesis anchored on zygomatic implants has a very high 10-year success rate. With new developments such as the ZAGA method, these implants now improve patients’ prognosis by reducing the number of related complications.

What diagnostic testing is needed?

In addition to an intraoral examination, a panoramic X-ray is generally needed as well as an X-ray computed tomography, such as a Cone Beam CT. These tests do not eliminate the need for other medical tests.

Are there different ways of placing zygomatic implants?

There are various techniques that can be used to place zygomatic implants, as well as different types of zygomatic implants. Not all techniques for placing implants in the cheekbone nor all types of zygomatic implants will achieve the same results.
Unlike other methods, the ZAGA method for placing zygomatic implants uses a minimally-invasive osteotomy and an individualized pathway for each patient that usually includes part of the maxillary sinus and reaches towards the zygomatic malar bone, where it is anchored.

What is the ZAGA method for zygomatic implants?

Are there different ways of placing zygomatic implants?

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  • Are there different ways of placing zygomatic implants?
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    Are there different ways of placing zygomatic implants?
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    Are there different ways of placing zygomatic implants?

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