Dr Richard Brookshaw

Dr Richard Brookshaw is a renowned dentist and zygomatic implant expert. In particular, he is the head of zygomatic implants at the ZAGA Centers in Cambridge, Cheshire, and Nottingham, where they treat patients in accordance with the ZAGA philosophy. To summarize, the well-being of his patients is Dr Richard Brooshaw main focus, which he provides with the latest technologies. Moreover, he is a respected lecturer and mentor in implant dentistry, zygomatic implants, immediate same-day implants, and CT scanning & planning for implant surgery. Specifically, he has placed more than 5,000 implants. In particular, Dr Richard Brookshaw is one of the few zygomatic implant surgeons worldwide, implementing a specifically adapted protocol developed with his team.

Undeniably, Dr Richard Brookshaw’s mission is to share his knowledge by constantly giving lectures on advanced implant techniques. Significantly, Dr Brookshaw created the Center of Advanced Dental Education (CADE). Since 2008, he carries out post-graduate dental training for hundreds of dentists. Thanks to the creation of CADE, Richard Brookshaw is fulfilling his passion for interacting and educating his peers. Therefore, he has traveled the world listening and learning from the very best dentists who share the same commitment.

Dr Richard Brookshaw’s Achievements


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