ZAGA Center I-Dent, Zygomatic Implant Expert in Novosibirsk

I-Dent, in Novosibirsk, is the first zygomatic implant expert center in Russia. Above all, their main goal is to bring back beautiful and healthy smiles all over the country. Furthermore, the I-Dent center is one of Russia’s first centers to introduce the most advanced zygomatic implant techniques. Hence, ZAGA Center I-Dent in Novosibirsk meets all criteria to be a reference center for the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy and zygomatic implants following the principles of the ZAGA philosophy.


About ZAGA Center I-Dent, Zygomatic Implant Expert

All the medical staff at I-Dent holds international certificates. Additionally, the I-Dent team regularly attends lectures and courses abroad. Specifically, this is fundamental to keep pace with the latest techniques in the field of dentistry and zygomatic implants. Furthermore, in 2019 the I-Dent clinic became the first clinic in the world per number of performed zygomatic implant surgeries in the network of ZAGA Centers. We are excited about ZAGA Center I-Dent great results as professionals and zygomatic implant experts. We are thrilled that they are a member of the ZAGA Centers network!


About Dr. Mikhael Toder

Dr Mikhael Toder achieved his degree in 1986 at the Medical Institute of Novosibirsk. Afterward, he trained with recognized dental specialists of international level such as Heinrich Benedict, Ofir Fromovich, Gerard Skortecci, in leading dental centers in Germany, France, Israel, the United States of America. Additionally, Dr Toder focuses on always learning new methods of implantology and advanced technologies of tooth microsurgery. In particular, he regularly takes part in international dental forums and lectures. As a result, Dr. Mikhael Toder is a true zygomatic implant expert that keeps focusing on continuously improve his skills and knowledge. Finally, his dedication to the patient and expertise make him a very valuable member of the Zaga Center network.


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