Zygomatic Implants Network: the ZAGA Centers

The ZAGA Centers are renowned expert dental offices globally. Specifically, they are experts in the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy using zygomatic implants. Each ZAGA Center goes through a demanding selection process before obtaining certification. The criteria include clinical and patient-care aspects. Once certified, they are involved in network activities, including scientific, clinical, and industrial activities.

Local Experts

ZAGA Centers are locally exclusive and part of a global zygomatic implants network. They are local reference centers for patients and other dental offices. They have and further accumulate experience in this treatment. Above all, they are here to respond to each patient’s complaint. If and only if zygomatic implant treatment is the solution, they will thoroughly explain and adapt the treatment plan. Indeed, from the diagnostic to the surgical procedure, the ZAGA Centers adapt to the anatomy of each patient and his or her complaint. Finally, the goal of the ZAGA Centers is to enhance or give back the quality of life to each patient.

Member of a global network

ZAGA Centers are part of a global network. As such, they are actively participating in scientific research activities around zygomatic implants. They also count on several opinions to help provide the best possible care for each patient. Most of the ZAGA professionals are authors of peer-reviewed scientific publications. Finally, clinicians harmonize and further improve best practices in the field by sharing experience and pieces of advice.

Furthermore, the zygomatic implants network offers valuable tools for patients, such as an informative portal including frequently asked questions and testimonials: zygomaticimplants.org. The portal is now available in more than ten languages. So, if you are looking for information as a Patient, we recommend visiting the Patient Portal. Finally, you will be able to reach out to us directly. We will answer your questions and doubts quickly. Discover hereafter each ZAGA Center in detail, including the dental office and the professionals involved.

Be a ZAGA Center Candidate