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“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Dr Rubén Davó is one of the most renowned zygomatic implant experts around the world and an international reference specialist in regard to complex oral implantology.

Dr Davó first became a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Alicante and then he specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. Throughout the years, he developed a deep passion for zygomatic implants which led him to specialize in the rehabilitation of extremely atrophic jaws and dentofacial deformities. These days, Dr Rubén Davó attends his patient at Vithas Davó Dental Institute in Alicante, where he is a Medical Director.

Dr Rubén Davó’s main goal is to share his knowledge and skills with his fellow dentists and zygomatic implant experts from all around the world. That is why he devotes a part of his time to writing scientific publications and attending international congresses as a speaker. He gives lectures about oral-maxillofacial surgery, stomatology, and oral implantology.

Additionally, Dr. Rubén Davó is a visiting professor in several universities around the world. Specifically, he teaches at the University of Navarra, the University of Barcelona, the University of Naples, and the Balearic Islands University.
Undeniably, Dr. Rubén Davó distinguished himself for the immediate function in the atrophic maxilla using the zygomatic implant. He led a randomized controlled trial, that compared bone grafts and zygomatic implants. The result of the trial showed a shift in the gold standard from bone grafting to zygomatic implants for the treatment of severe maxillary atrophy.

Finally, Dr. Rubén Davó is a member of the ZAGA Council and ZAGA zygomatic implant Mentor. You can book a mentoring with Dr Davó here.

Dr. Rubén Davó's Key Publications

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